Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top Hypersonic: another brick in the wall of a number of Arctic Monkeys

We have some changes in the Top Hypersonic this week, although the first position remains unchanged: the Arctic Monkeys remain stable in number 1 of the table, with its "Brick By Brick", although there is a difference with respect to last week, is that since you have already enjoyed full of Suck It And See (or at least legally) and I know that is not the only important issue that hides the new album of Canadians.

That if they stop threatening the wall built brick by brick from the Monkeys are Extremoduro with 'Tango suicide', which have fallen a few posts this week and have laid a "rope" to allow the Foo Fighters to climb to second place . And the third is what are The Strokes, while having already tasted the sweetness of success at the top of the list with the same subject, have lately as serious competitors to recover, but the thing given as to retrieve a pair of positions.

Moreover, widespread falls to all "known" while only new entries such as Cee Lo and The Horrors, and above all, Trent Reznor and Karen Or go directly to fourth with his 'Immigrant Song' Kaiser Chiefs, who placed 'Little Shocks' in the sixth, getting laid for promotion. And today, including two new taremos almost obligatory.

On the one hand, the much vaunted "coldplaydelanoche" the 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' which promises a warm summer campaign to Coldplay. A controversial issue from the start, but still be the best of Martin and co. Is heard, especially after overcoming the initial shock and at the end of the day and saving controversial samplers, sounds like a new 'Viva La Vida'.

The other news this week forced the hand comes from Leicester, Kasabian, that this 'Switchblade Smile' bet on a sound closer to their first songs, but still have much to prove with another 10 issues Velociraptor ! And we propose a bit of ska for the third development, with 'I'm So Sorry', the new siblings Kitty, Daisy & Lewis, who surprised all and sundry since the turn sound on this issue.

And I do not know if 'East Harlem', the last thing we have offered Beirut is enough to calm the desire for new work from them we have, but it's something, and I submit to your court to get an idea. And finally an unpronounceable title track, at least for me, 'Parson Brown (Upirngaangutuq Iqalunni)', Hey Rosetta!, From his latest album, Seeds.

Do not be fooled, soft starts, reassure the most nervous ... but full of hidden surprise at the end guitars.

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