Thursday, June 2, 2011

Top Hypersonic: Keeping the brick by brick type

With his new album at the doors of the shops, Arctic Monkeys further entrench its leadership position in the Top Hypersonic, in a week where only been able to discuss with their Extreme 'Tango suicide. " Robe and present company, with its premiere in the table, a serious candidacy for the leadership.

The second step is to take it by Foo Fighters, who fall with proposals such as Justice, The Strokes and Vetusta Morla. They at least still put up with life at the top, which can no longer say Radiohead, who we say goodbye after many weeks. It also goes with the music elsewhere Eddie Vedder and his ukulele.

The entries also highlight Fleet Foxes, who very skillfully made with a fifth, and The Vaccines with 'All in White', which is above the other issue they have in the rankings. Let's look at the table for the start of June: The news this week we bring you will like. As a first example we have the spectacular version of 'Immigrant Song' (YouTube) that Trent Reznor and Karen O have been prepared for the soundtrack of Men Who Hate Women.

Absolutely irresistible. Last week included a Cat's Eyes on the list, and this give more pitch to Faris Badwan with his main band, The Horrors. Here 'Still Life' (YouTube). Then we have the veteran and Erykah Badu, who is still getting goo on their fifth album, New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh).

To this end, recently presented as a single the song 'Out My Mind, Just In Time' (Vimeo). Kaiser Chiefs return with the intention to renew before dying, and for that we have available his new song 'Little Shocks' (YouTube). Enough to satisfy the expectations? Close and give way to new to the rhythm of Cee Lo, who invites us to beat us living the good life in Las Vegas with the music video "I Want You (Hold On To Love)" (YouTube).

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