Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Adele: A funky remix of "Set Fire To The Rain" by Plastic Plates

Adele truste always top the world rankings with his album "21" since the beginning of the year. Each week, Adele confirms his talent, now recognized beyond pop music. To demonstrate the impressive number of remixes of songs from Adele who swarm over the Internet. Of all these versions is that of a Plastic Plates, which has appropriated the song "Set Fire To The Rain", which is therefore a buzz on the web.

Many DJs are experimenting with the art of the remix with the songs of Adele, the number one requires. Amateurs and professionals compete mind and resourcefulness to offer new horizons for the singer's hits. Among his remixes, there are quite a dark version of bootleggers and not quite finalized but also some gems which maximize the vocal abilities of the singer and his songs that wins the heart of many.

This week on the radio you can find the version of the hit remix of Adele "Set Fire To The Rain" performed by a Plastic Plates. The remix of Plastic Plates were placed on "Soundcloud" here is now 2 months. "SoundCloud is a music platform that provides the internet community a space for musical freedom.

The remix of Plastic Plates has already been listened to more than 100 000 times and met a lot of positive feedback. His real name Felix Xavier, this talented producer has on his page Soundcloud a nice collection of remixes like the singer Sia and her hit "Cloud". This American composer has achieved what a lot of musicians have tried trying to recast the music of Adele.

Plastic Plates version of the song "Set Fire To The Rain" fits perfectly harmonious voice of singer Adele. This remix is the most successful DJs and some of the world as The Magician, is already using it in their set. Listening to his other remixes, we can largely predict a bright future Plastic Plates and especially keep an eye on him, surely that other artists will appeal to this magician of music.

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