Wednesday, June 15, 2011

People are the same everywhere ... and songs from Morrissey "all disks?

Begin to unravel the mysteries of the tenth solo album by Morrissey. If a month ago and it has completely finished, but has yet to find stamp with which to launch, now Mozz has performed at Maida Vale BBC Sessions for the program of Radio 2 to perform three songs that will be included in it. Expect a creative improvement in the continuation of Years of Refusal, which was greeted with (too) congratulations on the international criticism and that label as discrete Hypersonic (as a qualifier softer) and we give it a 4.

What about the first songs of this album yet unnamed Morrissey what? Well then you can listen and begin to draw conclusions. 'Action Is My Middle Name' is not particularly striking, though phrases like "everyone has an appointment with an undertaker, one can not help" because Morrissey has realized that he has no time to lose.

Will have to see how he takes advantage in this final stretch drive and trills varied. Do not kill, but can become a good single presentation. 'The Kid Is A Looker "is far more convincing as a theme to promote the record, despite the fact that Morrissey, the activities of Maida Vale, you will begin to exhaust his voice to be with topics that had not had so many problems .

Lalalala is massive promise many concerts with her. 'People Are The Same Everywhere' is yet another example of misanthropy of which he was the leader of the Smiths. We are all the same everywhere, and it is a shame. Ditty more than song and hopefully the new album by Morissey not pull too for things like this that will come out decent, but are too lazy.

Indeed, Morrissey has not clarified yet if you have already achieved some editorial endorsing the publication of his autobiography, which is already finished and occupied 660 pages.

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