Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Rapture will remain near the record of 70 with 'How Deep Is Your Love', first look at In The Grace of Your Love

DFA White Out Sessions - How Deep Is Your Love? by The Rapture from DFA Records on Vimeo. Seven minutes of dance floor. This is 'How Deep Is Your Love' by The Rapture, the first song that newcomers to let us listen to DFA Records In The Grace of Your Love. By name, a listener with memory might think that New Yorkers have taken to make a version of the Bee Gees.

No, but almost, that between the constant piano song and lashes that occasionally will go to Luke Jenner, the seventies are not going that far. Something long and too many ways, except when the sax Gabriel Andruzzi threatens to run wild, 'How Deep Is Your Love "could have been trimmed to make it function better, but not The Rapture seem willing to be contained in a single format.

This, of course, does not appear in any radio, but ... "Who needs the radio?" They thought. Personally, I prefer more punk and less hard, more Happy Mondays and less disk, but still a most interesting development of the In The Grace of Your Love to be released on September 6.

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