Thursday, June 9, 2011

Antonio Carmona: "When everyone is asleep, I turn off the phones and play guitar"

Spanish Embassy in Dakar. The hangover from last night's concert with Youssou N'Dour has not dented the vitality of Antonio Carmona. Sitting in a recliner and between tapas of chorizo, tortilla and gazpacho, the excomponente Ketama Afroflamenco reflects on the Festival, African music and his new album, Night.

What remains of the experience of taking the stage with Youssou N'Dour? For any musician this trip is a caramelito. Youssou is a great artist and a great display of their roots. I enjoyed very much. How have you felt that your music is perceived here in Africa? It's complicated, because it is a very different culture.

Notes a greater connection with the topics that the percussion abound, but the poppy songs less understood. Even so, I saw a very positive response. Is it hard to face the public does not know a single one of your songs? Male, is biting hard in a mine ... I've played in tablaos where nobody knew me.

This has been something, just ... different. The future of music is to serve the artist. If the artist makes good songs, will succeed Is there a connection between flamenco and African music? The percussion is the link between our music. After the concert I said the box looked like an African drum.

Just released his second solo album, Night. Are you a night owl? Far from boy. Saco much out of the night. When everyone is asleep, I turn off the phones and play guitar. And then it seems that everything sounds differently. On this album have also played an important role travel ... Yes, the night of Egypt was very inspiring.

In a boat trip on the Nile composed Ari Ari. I was also in India with Fernando Colomo, where I had the opportunity to play with musicians there. The whole album is a musical journey. "Try to absorb something from every musician that plays? I love learning, I am very restless. If I like how someone plays a piano, I stick to it for hours.

Music is my passion. Apart from it I have very few hobbies. Despite the travel, are left with Spain? I'd go with Spain. When I travel I miss you so much. Madrid, my people ... I think he's hooked on Twitter. Social networks are a good way to keep in touch from afar ... Sounds like a great tool to spread things.

Use it a lot, but I do it solely for that. There are other people who are involved more, but be careful and measured way that you publish. In my case, I find it very useful, not only to promote a Antonio Carmona, but the whole culture of flamenco. Gender live at golden days of recognition.

Yes, the flamenco live a great moment. And musically there are great artists. People that draws the cart, as Cigala or Niña Pastori, exceptional musicians ... What Ketama longs?'s Greatest moments. I have a very nice memory. I honestly believe we had an important role in the development of flamenco.

Having been so high, how does today the future of music? The future of music is to serve the artist. If the artist makes good songs, will succeed. The good thing is always good.

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