Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jonathan Mirai solo

Mirai solo debut for Jonathan. The guitarist of The Little Shop of Horrors and leader of the Super Elastic Bubble Plasticesordisce as a solo instrumental album of solo acoustic guitar: fingerpicking (pinching with your fingers) the attitude hardcore. The work will be available in late September and see Jonathan for the first time grappling with the 12-string acoustic guitar played in the fingerpicking style, a legacy of lessons in classical guitar made in youth and love for guitarists as Leo Kottke and John Renbourn .

The instrumental tracks on the album are all deliberately, because at the same musician that "the level of communication, this time, has nothing to do with words, languages or formal codes", while the attitude hardcore "as meaning 'old' of the term, so fast, short, thin sound, intricate in construction, but simple technique in which it is composed."

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