Friday, June 10, 2011

The band U2 announces no new album this year

The band U2 has been forced to postpone the launch of their new album until 2012, contrary to initial plans. Also, the Irish music and had recorded with producer RedOne could have been filed, according to the web Aol Music, and is unlikely to see the light. "Not that we stopped writing songs," he told Rolling Stone lead singer, Bono, who noted that compositions are thinking "every day", but acknowledged that the album would not come until at least 18 months.

Everyone was a bit knackered, but it was the only sensible decision to compose addition, during the past year the band has been busy with an ambitious world tour and trying to save Spider-Man the musical on Broadway, for which they wrote the music and has suffered numerous delays and problems.

"The expression is biting off more than it can chew," said band manager Paul McGuinness to the publication, which also states that it was not until earlier this year when U2 abandoned the idea of releasing a new album before will finish his tour. "We had a meeting, look at the plan and see if we could get some extra time to work on it," the band's bassist, Adam Clayton, "and we realized we could not." "To be honest, everyone was a bit knackered, but it was the only sensible decision," added Clayton.

The publication notes that the group will return to the recording studio with the idea of taking the new disc out next year, probably with producer Danger Mouse, but have also worked with a producer of Lady Gaga, RedOne. We want to be in the clubs, but what with RedOne hicismo was not the right thing "We'll focus on what we do best, and what we did with Danger Mouse is the closest thing to that," said bassist.

"We want to be in the clubs, and make pop music in addition to what U2 normally do, but what we did with RedOne not seem the right thing," he added. U2, head of the rock classics as "With or Without You and I Still Have not Found What I'm Looking For, released its latest album in 2009 titled No Line On The Horizon.

Adam Clayton, bassist, explained to Rolling Stone, the band realized that simply would not be possible because of his busy schedule, which includes the tour 360 and its collaboration with Music Spiderman. "We realized we could not. We all feel a little disappointed, but this has been the only difficult decision," said Clayton, who added that no new material to less than 18 months.

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