Friday, June 10, 2011

Mastodon's new album is called The Hunter: Is it a disappointment?

Crack The Skye was the last pill metalheads study of Atlanta, a band as well told us in his critique Gallego "knows no limits." Just two years after the release of their second album with the multinational Warner, and a new live, Live At The Aragon, which most have left us quite cold, have announced that their new album, already finished, called The Hunter.

Because Mastodon have their natural environment in their work in the studio and on stage, despite being a great band, it seems that its shaft wobbles at times and they are not nearly the juggernaut it promised. The owner, that nobody put the cry in heaven, please, is the large number of new albums that are being published this year in the metal category and the many ays! they are receiving.

For example? To name three: Fading Sounds Of A Playground In Flames, published June 21 in Spain and is a great bluff, The Great Mass Khaos Septicflesh or Legions of Arch Enemy. Personal assessments but shared by many international best metal gourmets. Mastodon do not think they dropped the piston if you have not done since they left Relapse seduced by the offer of a major.

Brendan O'Brien has not been at his side in the production and the suspect Mike Elizondo, WTF? (Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor, Eminem, Nelly Furtado, Maroon 5), do not think they have tamed their genetics bravery. 'Blasteroids' and 'All The Heavy Lifting' are the titles of two new leaked songs from the new album from the quartet, whose contents have recorded about fifteen songs, has been defined by drummer Brann Dailor as "faster, heavier and more crazy ", to which he added guitarist Bill Kelliher: As some of these new topics that we will not hesitate fan of the first to tell you our first impressions, which will certainly be positive.

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