Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Beatles authorize, for the first time their music Banda Sonora

It is a historical fact. The heirs and survivors of the Fab Four have authorized some of his songs to be used for the first time as part of the soundtrack of a film, namely, one about Brian Epstein, a former manager of the band. With the exception of the first song of John Lennon, including the movie Nowhere Boy, 2010, where the Beatles films appear as characters (Backbeat, The Hours and Times or Two of Us), they could not use music in their day Lennon and McCartney composed.

But will probably use the original version-no-six to 10 songs, said Vivek Tiwary, a Broadway producer to debut in cinema with the proposed $ 25 million. The songs will be chosen from a list that includes All You Need Is Love, You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, A Day in the Life, Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, Yesterday, Eleanor Rigby, Help! , You Never Give Me Your Money, Girl, A Hard Days Night, Strawberry Fields Forever and Come Together.

Jeff Jones, chief executive of The Beatles' company, said that "Apple Corps would not comment on the film, to say that the film does not include any of the original recordings of the Beatles." The heirs and the rights of members of the band have supported The Fifth Beatle, but a source said that their representatives approved the script and allowed use of music rights.

Epstein, a homosexual at the time said it was illegal in Britain, had a marginal role even when the band became very famous. He died of an overdose of sedatives in 1967, a month after that homosexuality was legalized. "It definitely is (a song that is) about Brian," Tiwary said.

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