Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Björk so modern and so crappy, why we teach a new subject driving a choche?

Even a low-class rapper would even think such a move. Björk has been who has left us hear 'Crystalline', a new theme of your project Biophilia, while driving his car. They are 33 seconds of video in HD but why art has been the most tacky? Björk already have launched their new album is titled Biophilia, a multimedia project that comes with little warning, four years after Volta, and the Icelandic raruna his most of his career, yes, you may be more rarura.

Because Biophilia is a multimedia project already announced last year that has joined forces with the director Michel Gondry. Will have music, apps, Internet, installations and live concerts, going to the small Icelandic still left the most avant-garde art. Such well be that Björk has decided that Biophilia is the first album released in iPad apps for the Apple device is already in the homes of most of their fans.

Not only that, you can interact with its ten tracks and these apps are going to be pivoting on an app, call it, mother. But do not scare you, Biophilia also have a normal edition, accompanied by music, hopefully not as disastrous as he has shown us the singer, always cuidadosísima with all the visual and audiovisual product has generated in his career.

'Virus', one of the themes of this great work, have a very carefully worked, yes, there should be such freak. Your app development will include a very conscientious about the attack of cells by a virus, something the interactive artist Scott Snibbe defined as "a kind of sight between a virus and a cell, a love so great that the cell was destroyed by the virus.

" There will be a game where if the user stops the virus attack the song stops. Twisted, right? Now let's hope the other issues we will bring many surprises, but with Björk and are cured of ghosts.

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