Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Martin Rushent, producer of Dare, Dies!

If you have something in common The Human League and Martin Rushent is that both the former and the other will be remembered by Dare! the legendary album that included, among others, the synth pop classic "Do not You Want Me ', and the second was for the former, although both the former and the other things are much more notable in his field of music history.

Today is to remember who plays Rushent (the Human League is still relatively healthy and touring festivals around the world with his latest work) on the sad occasion of his death on June 4 at the age of 63 years . To communicate to the world was responsible for his son Tim Rushent through Facebook with a brief written statement were not made aware of the causes of this death.

As in many other cases, it is a person of great talent, but at least it leaves behind an excellent job, because not only was Rushent Dare! To his credit also include productions for XTC, Buzzcocks, The Pipettes, The Go-Gos, the project Generation X Billy Idol, Altered Images, Hazel O'Connor and above all, the first 3 albums, The Stranglers, which show for him to move from a style like punk to synth pop was a natural ability, and was able to deal in the genus should be proposed.

The Stranglers have been precisely the first to express his gratitude to Rushent through its website, although other reactions in the network and other media has been waiting and now are engaged in producing notes and condolences to the family in most the media, specialized or not. And of course, from Hypersonic joined them: rest in peace.

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