Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Camela: "We changed the 'fragoneta' by Audis"

To drink beer. Snacks, olives. "What you do not like olives?" Hey, man, "exclaims a surprised Angeles while wearing one at the mouth. With so castizo appetizer on the table, the guys talk about their new Cat Power album, The magic of love, and discuss the keys to its success. Some people do not take them seriously, but the figures speak for themselves: Cat Power is the band that has sold more albums in Spain in the last 20 years, only surpassed by La Oreja de Van Gogh.

Tears of love, just love, love com, love Labyrinth and now, the magic of love. Matters of the heart are a long way ... Angels (A.): Yes, it is that love is the force that moves the world. Love will never die. Well, yes, but if it dies you have reached indifference, which is something that everyone has ever experienced ...

... and also enough to make a few songs. Dion (D): Of course. Furthermore, matters of indifference often work better than love. The themes of heartbreak work better than love Could it be that we like to take pleasure in the suffering? D.: Is that when you're in love you see any other color.

So you think bad people good. However, when leaves were disappointed that visceral, all those inner feelings emerge. And if at that time you hear a song that you identify, connect with it. How much suffering and heartbreak Camel? D.: I, shortly. I've been married 25 years and two other boyfriends, so imagine ...

But many songs were composed my son who is 24, and provides many experiences. Á.: At this point I can not stand either one. Already suffered a lot in my time and now do not pass through it. And within the group? Is there anything to dislike when sharing takes so long to bugger off? Á.: You best and worst moments, but when you get on the stage removes all evils.

That is the engine. Camela "invented techno-rumba? D.: Yes.: Well, I do not really techno-rumba. We techno-Camel. D.: It's techno, electronic music, but with our Spanish air. How trying to innovate at this point? Á.: Do not change anything. We must maintain our essence. D.: The stories, songs, tunes, all that remains.

You have to keep going. How do they remember their first steps in music? D.: We made demos and we had to flea markets. Suddenly the thing went up thanks to word of mouth, we signed a contract and sold a million records. We do not believe it. We're just some kids in the neighborhood. "Today they still are? D.: Yes! Although I used to be more barbaric and more civilized am now (laughs).

Despite the success, we remain simple and humble people. We care three cucumbers what they say about us Is that the key to his success? D.: Yes, but above all the ease and simplicity. And personality. We are a group with his own style. Our songs are direct and simple. There are many artists whose songs you do not know what they are.

People can see reflected in our songs. Despite recognition of the public, what they felt forgotten, some supported by the media? Á.: And recently recognized by the industry, like the Music Awards ... D.: I have not ever attended any of that. Nor do I attend. Although I'm happy for colleagues who receive these awards, it is clear.

But if you ever want to call something like that, I do not believe that to ever happen to me cuenten.Á not.: We believe that the best reward is the love of our fans, and not change it for any other. We owe them everything. We can never be grateful enough. It is true that Camel fans are to the core.

How far are you willing to get one of them by the group? Á.: As far as needed. When we went to Chile, for example, one of them came and told us he was coming with us. That if he had to sell his laptop to pay the bill ... And what side? How to take criticism from a group who are considered minor and will hang the label of 'station group'? D.: See, that you can put it so, so: "We care three cucumbers what they say about us." Miguel Angel: Cucumbers no, they are contagiaos! D.: Why do you think you say? (Laughs).

The truth is that we have been told everything. At first, came with rintinín, mocking the fact that we came to the markets, which is something we are very proud. Some would say, "What, where you've left the fragoneta and malacatones?." Well, look: we have changed the fragoneta by Audis, Mercedes and BMW, and malacatones are now thousands of millions of records sold.

The time has given so many luxuries. How piracy affects a group as Camel? Á.: We are the first pirates! Already been seen on the album cover [in the displayed style characterized by Jack Sparrow and company]. It is true that things are bad, but fans of Camela of life like to have the original disk, and that saves us ...

a little. Dionisio Martin (40), Maria Angeles Muñoz (37) and Miguel Angel Cabrera (39) are Camela. They formed in 1990 in the Madrid suburb of San Cristobal de Los Angeles in the district of Villaverde. Began shipping its first models in bars, markets and petrol stations before making his debut in 1994 with tears of love.

They have released 13 albums, of which have sold over seven million copies.

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