Friday, June 3, 2011

Coldplay anticipates the song of the summer with a tribute to Peter Allen and "Rhythm of the Night '

"Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall contains elements dei Go To Rio, written by Peter Allen and Adrienne Anderson." The British Coldplayexplican and on its website where it comes from the known sample, which has led to the label # coldplaydelanoche Friday is still the most used in the social network Twitter (Trending Topic) The reason for such a stir is the premiere of a new single from the band of Chris Martin on the internet, Every Tear Is A Waterfall, which has alarmed fans momentarily given the fairly recent history "of course" Viva la Vida plagiarism, an issue that was settled in court with Joe Satriani and was filed.

Why? Because everybody has been associated with the Coldplay song best known version, there are many-the theme of Peter Allen, who died in 1992 - dating from 1990 and is still dancing at any party that claims: Rhythm of the night, Mystic. The headlines have been secured and the promotion of the album to come, which produces the almighty Brian Eno, probably will be alone, to Madonna worked with ABBA.

Some suggest that Every Tear Is A Waterfallpodría be a little joke to cheer this summer concerts as the group offered in the live BBK Spanish. What has made the song, in any event is positioned as a strong candidate for the summer song listings that appear within weeks. The official Facebook page of Coldplay also boiled with the matter.

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