Friday, June 3, 2011

Franco de Vita gives a love letter to his audience with new production

Miami (USA.), June 3 (EFE) .- Franco de Vita has just released to market, "Franco De Vita in First Row", an album in which the Venezuelan singer reinterprets its great successes, according to their own words, a "love letter" to his followers. In the fourth show of this successful series of concerts recorded live, De Vita not only includes hits like "not enough", "How to say no" and "Louis", but also making new versions of classics like "I see it coming, Solitude, who plays next to the Puerto Rican salsa singer Gilberto Santa Rosa, and "Warm Cold", where vocalist accompanying Colombian Santiago Cruz.

The disc also includes two unreleased tracks: "Look Beyond" and "Only You", a duet with Mexican rocker Alejandra Guzman. What appealed to De Vita of this project was the challenge to reinterpret their most famous. "It was a very challenging, because the fans do not like to change the songs.

Remember that subjects with 'A good loser' has 25 years, "the singer said in a telephone interview with Efe." To the fans like the songs and chants from the beginning so I decided not to change the tone. Just change the arrangements and the color of songs, suddenly one was lighter or darker, "he added.

Collaborate with stars like Gilberto Santa Rosa, Alejandra Guzman and Leonel Garcia and Noel Schajris (exdúo Sin Bandera) with whom he played for the first and only time in vivo success "If you see", was another element that attracted De Vita to this project. "I loved working with everyone, because that way you keep evolving, never stop learning.

With Alejandra Guzman, for example, I had a great time because she is a very genuine person and when you least expect it you loose anything, "De Vita said laughing, adding that Shakira is one of the stars you would like to collaborate in the future. The album is available on CD and CD / DVD.

The latter includes a documentary titled "Frankly," which shows the artist in the creative process and "quita'o pants." In fact, says De Vita, although this is a look at his life off stage, no major revelations. "I am what people already know. I've never put a figure to the public. It talks about my family, my way to spend the day in my house, but there are no surprises because I've always been true, "he said.

That's the same authentic plasma in each of his songs and that, according to the artist, reveal the reality that is "a regular guy." "What I write is what I am normal. People think that artists are exotic and extravagant, but I have nothing to exotic. I'm like any other, "said the singer who began his career in the early eighties with a group called Corpus.

In 1984 she went solo and began a successful career, with more than 20 million albums sold worldwide. "I've always enjoyed public support, so I'm a very lucky person. Despite the passage of time and changes in the music, the audience is with me. With this work I give those songs again, "he concluded.

By: Cynthia De Saint

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