Sunday, June 5, 2011

Five bands lie that should be real

The bands have always been very present in the various fictions. Who else, who takes hold at least one of them to add to the story, more often if you must have a touch juvenile or are set in youth. And, of course, the hundreds of Lie groups with which they have woven the stories, several have ended up falling in love.

Only truth in his novels (comics, books, movies), but the world would be better with them in the flesh. Or maybe not, but more fun. Today we list some of these groups lie that should be true and also give some ideas of who the substitute. And no, not Drive Shaft. Where do they come from?: De 'Buckaroo Banzai', a film of humor and science fiction that became a movie classic video store when they still existed and still had room for it understated triumph in a second chance and to a different audience.

What are their merits?: Although the only clip I found on Youtube will see Buckaroo Banzai baladote sing a version of 'Since I Do not Have You', in reality the Hong Kong Cavaliers were crazy New Wave, with a horn section determined to occupy it. Oh, and have a bus to his name! What hits have?: The explicit 'It's OK (we're superheroes)' (yes, they are), the teen and slut 'Dirty Pictures from the Prom' and sad 'Arkansas Adios.

" Who do we change?: For Franz Ferdinand, much less fun and less style as the Cavaliers. In addition, they are not superheroes. Where do they come from?: De 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World'. What are their merits?: Free up to two minutes. And they have a girl! What hits have?: 'Summertime', but places them to the brink of maturity, 'Threshold' (Youtube) and low partemelones, 'We Are Sex Bob-ombs'.

Who do we change?: For any of your ex-novios/ex-novias. And The Hives, much more boring. Where did he come from?: De 'Preacher' comics of Vertigo. What are their merits?: Have your face smashed a shot after trying to emulate Kurt Cobain, his hero. And despite this, have managed to become a pop star.

What hits you: No constant too, but trying new live forced suicides and insulting the Pope counted as hitazos in his career, led by Sergeant Gene. Who do we change?: By Lady Gaga. Where do they come from?: From 'This Is Spinal Tap', the best music documentary ever existed. Even as a lie.

What are their merits?: If the music of others get to 10, theirs comes to 11. It puts in their amps. In addition, managed a superb scenery, especially in its Estapa 'Stonehenge'. What hits have?: Depending on the stage. When the hippie roll, "(Listen to The) Flower People ', a little glam,' Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight ', the progressive' Stonehenge ', etc ...

Who do we change?: For everyone. That folds the space-time, destroying the history of music and make every effort to come true Spinal Tap

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