Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Depeche Mode are to throw it: gift of a remix to promote her new collection of remixes

Now we have put the alert in more than one occasion, Depeche Mode have a second part to his album of remixes, titled Remixes 2: 81-11. Well, we got up and, as they say, because this triple compilation will be out in June 7, and that, as you can imagine, leads to promotion. If you have already posted the EP for 'Personal Jesus' with their remixes and have posted many of them for listening in streaming, as I told Victor Rodriguez at the time, now it's time gifts.

Because there is no better way to draw public attention to offering content for free (and legally) and a record like this, comes great call for electronic artists to perform their remixes of the originals, and of course, do not all fit in plastic from a CD, so you have to leave some out.

But, like all pork is used, the work of an artist you should never throw in the bin (recycling) and if there is no gap in the disk, is wanted as a gift. Master and Servant DepecheMode RSS Remix by Brode said than done, right from the Facebook of the band, we redirected to Fact Magazine for us to 'Master And Servant (RSS Remix)' by the arm.

If it is true, as you listen, not too much to satisfy fans of Depeche Mode's lifetime, but after all, the most fanatical, greedy collectors who can not miss a single issue of Gahan and his can rub their hands entering a new reference to their music libraries. Otherwise, if you are not DJs or fans of dance music, you can let it go, do not you get lost nothing essential, although shown, the button up there.

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