Thursday, June 2, 2011

Opeth have an amazing cover and new details of Heritage

Opeth used to cover us sober, dark and with a distinctly Gothic. Nevertheless, it seems that the Swedes have grown tired of that stuff, and Heritage have made a surprisingly colorful cover and even some humor. Whereas if it were a little skeptical, I would say that is false. Since then the composition is to arouse much interest among fans who already seem to be divided among fans and detractors.

I place myself among those who held the initiative. Note the great detail and macabre head Per Wiberg falling from the tree, alluding to his recent departure from the band. Presumably, the skull resting on the floor for the old members of the training. Heritage will be released on September 20 via Roadrunner Records, with multiple editions to satisfy all tastes.

In addition to the standard version, we can scratch the pocket in a special edition with many extras, in a broader boxset or a double LP. Have also released the ten songs that make up the album: Produced by Mikael Åkerfeldt and recorded with the help of the great Steven Wilson, will be the tenth studio album by the legendary Nordic progressive metal formation.

On the sound penned this work, the Opeth singer gives us some clues: As influences are evident on the album, Alice Cooper quoted Åkerfeldt and songs like 'No More Mr. Nice Guy ', which I like to think that is total joke. But given the cover, then I leave you full, you go to know where the Swedes come to us on this occasion.

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