Thursday, June 2, 2011

Enrique Iglesias, hailed by the press and the public in Israel

Jerusalem, June 2 (EFE) .- A public given ten thousand people, composed primarily of women, clothed last night the singer Enrique Iglesias in his first concert in Tel Aviv, hailed today by the national press. "His father (Julio Iglesias) as honey stroked Israel during the eighties, but Enrique Iglesias blew up last night to the thousands of spectators at the sports hall in Tel Aviv Nokia with its fire of Latin pop full of energy and power," says Today the newspaper Yediot Aharonot.

The daily musical commentator says that "even under the toughest criteria" the actions of Churches "would receive a ten." The same view is the newspaper Maariv, which also calls the show an absolute success and that "the guy knows how to smile, can do and you know go crazy poses to the public with its Latin style." The audience never stopped screaming and dancing for two hours in which Henry did not fail to flirt, sing and wink to his fans.

"His father Julius, an old acquaintance of the Israeli audience can look back with satisfaction that, in all Regarding Israel, his son has become his rightful heir, "said the Yediot Aharonot. The newspaper highlighted his "virtuoso control groups, their ability to attract attention, its impressive voice and the selection of his most famous songs, which was extracted over night as aces up its sleeve to exalt the public." The young churches greeted the audience in Hebrew, with a "Shalom Tel Aviv" that drew fervent applause, and began the night with his song "Tonight I'm loving you" which, for delight of his audience, he played in the version no censored.

Halfway through the concert, Enrique took the stage to some of his fans to sing with him and, according to the newspaper Maariv "flirted with everything that moved. Touched, hugged and gave his body to the public "that, at times, they burst into tears and cries of worship." Got an intimate experience, as if in room of each of them and looked to each in the eye personally, "says Maariv.

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