Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rihanna: The video for "Man Down" has arrived!

Already widely announced, after "California King Bed", the 5th from the album "Loud" by Rihanna, finally got its video clip. With its sun-drenched melodies and reggae influences that recalls the origins of the singer, one would have thought that "Man Down" would be entitled to a clip joyous and festive.

Error, the first images of "Man Down" begins with Rihanna killing a man in the street. Why is this crime? A flashback takes us back to the previous day and Rihanna carefree, smiling, cycling, beach and in nightclubs where the party will suddenly switch. There, a man who initially was going to assault him and then drag it leaves the box.

Rihanna ran away to her home where she then starts rummaging through his drawers to pull out a weapon. Thus, we understand the act of Rihanna at the beginning of the clip. The singer says she's gesture does not look like a revenge for having been assaulted but a heartache. For the clip, the singer opted for a long red hair similar to dreadlocks, to be closer to the spirit of the reggae song.

To amplify this picture, the clip was filmed in Kingston, Jamaica's capital. Back to basics with complete "Man Down", Rihanna is from the Caribbean. The clip was directed by Anthony Mandler to whom we owe the video for "Run This Town" by Jay Z, "OMG" or Usher's "Live Your Life" by T. I among others.

Rihanna's side, their collaboration did not start yesterday because Anthony Mandler has directed include "Unfaithful," "Only Girl 'In The World)" and "California King Bed." Discover new music video of Rihanna for "Man Down"

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