Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facebook debuts in the video of the song 'Behind the Mask' by Michael Jackson

A video for the song Behind the Mask, made by fans of Michael Jackson from 103 countries around the world and directed by Dennis Liu has been released on the Facebook network. The initiative, created by Sony Music and the family of Jackson, urged fans of the legendary singer to record themselves playing the theme and send the material to be included in the final video.

The video shows more than a thousand contributions from fans of Michael's been the most fun and exciting project in which I have been involved, "said Liu. "It's been a privilege and it was incredibly exciting to see so many people, from all over the world, unite their voices, dances and talent by the spirit of Michael" he added.

The director finally told 1,600 of the contributions received, including instances of 50 children and 36 animals. More than 35 million fans of Michael Jackson in the social network Facebook was the first to witness the final result. Behind the Mask The song is one of the songs that appear enMichael, posthumous work that pays tribute to "King of Pop", who died in June 2009.

The album consists of ten unreleased songs from Jackson. The first single, Hold My Hand. The other titles of the album is (I Can not Make It) Another Day, Monster, Breaking News, Hollywood Tonight, Keep Your Head Up (I Like) The Way You Love Me, Best Of Joy and Much Too Soon . Jackson died on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles (California), a victim of acute intoxication of drugs supplied by your physician, Conrad Murray, pending trial, scheduled for September.

Watch the video below.

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