Wednesday, June 15, 2011

LMFAO "Champaign Showers" succde the hit "Party Rock Anthem"

The Californian group LMFAO unveils the second single from their upcoming album "Sorry For Party Rocking". After the global success of "Party Rock Anthem", which remains at the top of the rankings in the world, here is a totally new title dedicated to the champagne showers. Perfectly calibrated to the "pool parties" of Ibiza's most extravagant and spirit electro.

which is the unbridled success of LMFAO, this new single features the exceptional participation of Natalia Kills. Protected by Akon, this young English, still little known in France, was still observed with the single "Mirrors" which placed third in the U.S. charts in the category Dance.

On the other side of the Atlantic is in a duet with Mr. Pokora in 2007 on the song 'They Talk Shit About Me "that we discovered the talent of Natalia Kills. Natalia Kills has published his first album "Perfectionist" in France on March 15. This album is not out yet in the U.S. and the UK.

With "Champaign Showers" SkyBlue Redfoo and we therefore propose a new title rhythmic and electronic company of the beautiful Natalia, accompanied by a video in mind as delusional as that of "Party Rock Anthem." Similar to the theme music, the video shows a scene of celebration and dancing.

This second excerpt shows us once again the universe LMFAO, whose album "Sorry For Party Rocking" is eagerly awaited. But "Champagne Showers" Will it the huge success of "Party Rock"?

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