Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'Lay It On Me', another track from the new album by Kelly Rowland ever more like the work of El Escorial

Kelly Rowland has had no luck in his solo career. Since Destiny's Child disbanded, has been almost completely overshadowed by the third and most successful, the incombustible Beyoncé. However, critics have appreciated his efforts on his two solo albums more lukewarm at first, but with their second album somehow managed to distance himself from the label of high school and get a more lively acclamation.

However, the third album from Kelly Rowland, who was supposed to catapult it back to the first line and finish to snatch professional timidity which still betrays his work, as it does not see with enough charisma to competing with his ex-partner, it has been delayed more and more. Trouble is that a disc will postpone its release date, because it usually does not bring anything good.

But in the case of Here I Am, the view is even worse. Is five singles behind them, and almost none has attracted enough attention in the charts to motivate the coveted release. Four years is a lot to make it a career impasse has not finished emerging. It seems that after many vicissitudes, Universal Motown, the new label of Rowland has finally confirmed that the album will be released on July 26, perhaps tired of getting so little revenue to its recent acquisition.

One of the issues that perhaps we are at the tracklist, but nothing is confirmed yet, is this 'Lay It On Me', a new partnership with Big Sean, one of the omnipotent sponsored by Kanye West. The theme is perfect for summer, synthesizers, light, a point ... and a little more sexy, because unfortunately, it appears that fails to find the extent necessary to finish pasting in radiofórmulas to lord it come as hot flashes.

I never get tired or get tired of repeating that what he does best Kelly Rowland is R & B, as we have demonstrated for four days 'Motivation'. But it seems intent on trying to go for fashion or very little successful criteria that will provide you the success you are pursuing for many years.

And of course, 'Lay It On Me' is not going to help you find it.

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