Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Five songs immortal thanks to film Tarantino

You love him or hate him, but Tarantino's films hardly leave you indifferent. Thug, intelligent and willfully stupid sometimes others, deeply nostalgic and made to give that talk. There are many features that we highlight the American filmmaker, but we are most interested in this blog is the relation to music.

The Knoxville has always placed great attention and care in the musical section of his films, through which he has been able to return to life issues that could otherwise have ended up in oblivion forever. Surely now happen to you a lot, but I will stop in five songs that Tarantino has become icons of cinema.

Throughout the film Tarantino's debut we're hearing about Billy and K-70's supersonic, so that it becomes a character of it. But the big role for this old rock radio station comes with an unforgettable highlight of Michael Madsen in the role of Mr. Rubin, when the sly rhythm of 'Stuck in the Middle With You' runs its bloody dance.

One of my favorite scenes in movie history. Video | YouTube now sure if I say Pulp Fiction, one of the first sounds that come to mind is the devil's surf guitar of Dick Dale. In reality 'Misirlou' is a Greek folk song composer unknown, but the guitarist of Boston in the 60 recovered in several integer multiplying their speed to make it the great song which we all now associate with the (arguably) best work Tarantino.

Video | YouTube I could not resist highlighting a second theme of Pulp Fiction, but the film goes a long way. And also left out of this selection inspired dance between Travolta and Thurman would be a sin irresistible. The rocker theme, so appropriate for the aesthetics of the bar where Hector takes the girl of his boss, for the great Chuck Berry, who wrote while in prison and later included on the album St.

Louis to Liverpool 1964. Video | YouTube Jackie Brown has never finished to convince me, but that does not stop me admitting that features a soundtrack anthology. A powerful soul aroma that permeates the entire tape, which is evident from their claims, we see Pam Grier to go to work at the pace of Bobby Womack.

This theme was originally composed for another soundtrack, Across 110th Street, which opened in 1972, but his back a quarter century later could not be better. Video | YouTube The introductory scene of Kill Bill Vol 1 is, like most of the film including its two parts, made of pure gold film.

Without warning we found a wedding dress Uma Thurman and completely destroyed, while a mysterious character who remains anonymous is about to spend her last words. After the brutal impact that we get, the sweetness of Nancy Sinatra immerses us in an uncomfortable state of doubt and lethargy for the duration of loans, then giving way to the beginning of the avenging party.

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