Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Matthew Morrison's first album professor "Glee Club"

Matthew Morrison, the famous professor of the Glee Club, released his first album. Simply titled "Matthew Morrison," one of the main actors of Glee, in the role of Will Shuester, is finally launching into the song. Matthew Morrison has participated in numerous musicals on Broadway. His career will take a decisive turn when landing a role in the musical "Hairspray" produced by the famous John Waters, director and actor shifted.

There followed many small roles in such series as "Gost Wispers," "The Justice of the Shadow" or "Sex And The City" and movies like "Primary Colors," "Maid in Rhode Island "and" Come Back "... But since 2009 is that this artist, knowing as much play-acting than singing, is revealed to the public in the television series Glee.

For those not familiar with this event series, the story is simple. Shuester Will, played by Matthew Morrison, decides to take the reins of the Glee Club, the club song of high school, was left abandoned for years. GleeClub members consist of students with nothing to do with each other.

Nerds, nerdy, the cheerleaders, the popular high school football players. These differences will be their strength, their disagreement, which to our great pleasure gives rise to a series of songs punctuated with stories and humor. Having quickly won over his audience in the U.S. A, Glee has even turned into a gallery of VIP with appearances by Britney Spears and other American stars.

After earning numerous awards for his role in the series, Matthew Morrison finally released their debut album "Matthew Morrison." His growing reputation allows it to offer exciting collaborations. This first album is littered with artists such as duo Sting, Gwyneth Paltrow and Elton John, Matthew Morrison provides future hits! Her first single "Summer Rain", released in the U.S.

and present in the musical selections MusiqueRadio is notably produced by Claude Kelly. The latter wrote songs for many famous artists such as Britney Spears, Jay Sean, Jordin Sparks or Jessie J. Result, upon its release "Summer Rain" was propelled to the 18th place in the Billboard charts.

This song is catchy and cool enough close to the spirit of "Lazy Song" Bruno Mars. The album "Matthew Morrison," when it is placed today at the 53rd place on 200 of the Billboard album ranking, but managed to reach 24th place. Now available in France, we let you discover the tracklisting of this album by Matthew Morrison 01.

"Summer Rain" 02. "Still Got Tonight 03. "Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot" (Feat Sting) 04. "My Name 05. "Hey 06. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Feat Gwyneth Paltrow) 07. "Do not Stop Dancing" 08. "It Do not Matter to the Sun '09. "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters / Rocket Man" (Feat Elton John) 10.

"It's Over"

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