Sunday, June 5, 2011

Herman Dune, video of Tell Me Something I Do not Know: the friendly face of Don Draper

Watch the video at the original site. I admit, I Herman Düne (or Dune now) is that they have not kept track, but I am a confessed madmeniaco and pro, so a video like that have made the French duo for 'Tell Me Something I Don 't Know' I love it. But if John Hamm in a much more friendly than Donald Draper is not enough if you are also the generation of Sesame Street and have always dreamed of going on the road and find you a Espinete (a yeti they say it is) hitchhiking This video is no doubt chronicle of your dreams.

Yes, a little sappy, bright colors, both visual and sound to decorate a theme on the other hand sounds optimistic on all four sides and on the other, brings to mind a watered down version of Tom Petty anything unpleasant. But at least it hints at where the shots should go with the rest of Strange Moosic, the latest album from the French.

What can we do? Herman Düne The ends do not be my style, but with this they have managed to interest me a bit more for them. By the way, if you see Hamm acting a little more, here's the extended version of the video.

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