Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Latin musical talent will look in 21 countries

The marriage of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony will present in July Q'Viva! The Chosen, a TV program to Latino music talent search, a journey that takes them to visit 21 countries in the Americas. "Soon the world's heart throb with the sound of Latin rhythms and we are very excited to take part in this experience and to make history," the couple said this week in a news producer Entertainment XIX.

Singers, dancers, musicians and artists can upload your audition video across the web youtube. com / qviva, while the public can nominate the greatest undiscovered talents of each country through the social network Facebook. Auditions will be reviewed every week and prepare the ground for Jennifer and Marc visits to various countries.

"It is truly an honor for us to be part of this wonderful trip and very personal mission to discover and celebrate the most captivating talent the world has ever seen," added Lopez and Anthony. From mid July to late August next, the couple will go to cities and towns in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua , Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Panama, Uruguay, Aruba and the U.S..

Q'Viva! The Chosen will be recorded in English, Spanish and Portuguese and will air simultaneously on all major TV channels of the 21 countries of the Americas. The mission of Lopez and Anthony will be selecting a cast of outstanding artists of all nationalities and create a program that will be one of the largest celebrations of Latino culture that the world has ever seen ", the statement of the XIX producer Entertainment the same as American Idol.

According to People magazine, the selected artists will travel to Hollywood where they will receive special training to record "a spectacular live show."

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