Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Howitzer live in Oviedo (Tribeca Room, 10.06.2011): what a disappointment!

Thirty years for a band is not something to be ignored. The veteran is a degree but there are times when one would prefer to throw the foot down and let the pavilion is as high as possible. All this is prelude to account howitzer and its latest reincarnation, after Juan Luis Serrano, Uncle Luis, and Fernando Sánchez leave the ship, first the bass a year after the release of Seconds Out (Rimer Rock, 2003) and then the battery a little over two years.

Then came the compilation 30 Greatest Impact (BMG, 2006), a best of howitzer would have been a good ending. But no, Laguna Paco Fortu and decided to continue with new rhythm section and thus he has looked very poor editing hair Shut up! (Peer Music, 2010), from which ye could read our review.

I follow my era howitzer from high school in my room had a huge promotional poster for their debut album, Get Ready (Chapa Discos, 1981), and whenever I had occasion to see them live or I was there to interview them. I almost refused to approach the Board Tribeca Oviedo, but finally bit me more curious and so the disappointment was greater.

A howitzer they saw in the last Spill Rock and in his defense I must say that that night was much worse than Friday. Did not miss the classical repertoire of the band that has lived, as his Red Baron, and in 1996 decided to return to the activity, once they had kept the band into hibernation since the beginning of the decade.

The acoustics of the room, where for some smokers snuff and snuff which is not flouting the smoking ban call, and not bring our own technical Howitzer played against, who rocked as his last concert, this must be grateful. I was very disappointed with Fortu, his voice is not what it was, and Justito comes to tones, and yes, sharp pulls at some point, but no more than an effective remedy.

Yes, the singer on stage knows how to be more tables and no one was able to meet with antics like to invite a female on stage or get on the sidebar of the room, the shortcomings of his injured throat today. Shell knows that the first three papers: Get ready, Powerful as Thunder and more are the best of his career and his songs are part of the history of heavy Spanish.

These issues can not miss any of his concerts and there were in Oviedo, tad slacker compared to the past, which spent more than of the ninety minutes. There was no lack 'Highway', 'Nuclear Nightmare', 'The most', 'Money, Money', 'I just do on my bike' and 'We very well, "drunkard anthem par excellence.

In their latest albums saving 'Fuck you' and 'This round Howitzer pay', the new songs like the single 'Shut up', paled before the rest. The encore with 'I need more', 'ready' and cited the pay Howitzer This round was a gift to a public that faith we had a great time.

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