Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Michael Jackson: 2.0 clip from "Behind The Mask" has arrived!

In March 2011, Sony Music launched a large participatory movement on the Internet to achieve innovative video on the song "Behind The Mask" with Michael Jackson fans worldwide. After numerous extracts, the video has finally been unveiled. Michael Jackson and inaugurates a new era for the music video.

Much "Thriller" was sensational, as "Behind The Mask" is further proof of the attraction still arouses the King of Pop with this clip that could be called "2.0". Broadcast worldwide on the official Facebook Page of Michael Jackson's music video "Behind The Mask" is composed of more than 1600 videos of fans who have been selected.

Teams of Sony Music harvested an impressive number of video across the planet, made with various ways by fans of the singer missing. After many hours of viewing and editing the video for "Behind The Mask" is very moving and often demonstrates the quality of the imagination of fans of Michael Jackson.

During the spring, the family of Michael Jackson and Sony Music had kicked off this operation. All fans of Michael Jackson had the opportunity to participate in the project video for the song "Behind the Mask" and share a great moment of music with the artist tragically disappeared. In return, the song "Behind The Mask" contains a sample of the track "Behind The Mask" originally recorded by the band Yellow Magic Orchestra, a group of Japanese electro-pop band formed in 1978.

We consider the group as pioneers of pop music-electronics. Their music also continues to be remixed and used by contemporary artists.

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