Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mamma mia! Green Day American Idiot and the movies come from the hand of Tom Hanks

Movies based on books, movies based on video games, games based on movies, games based on books, musicals based on movies, even movies based on games (meaning "Battleship ")... We've seen almost everything. Almost everything in a continuous fashion show and ideas that are somewhat cyclical and that we are mired in a deep crisis of wit where it seems that everything is invented.

But now comes Playtone, Tom Hanks's production company and decided to loop the loop. A new twist on the crossover of ideas and artistic disciplines. All have heard, even in passing, that American Idiot, the album's 2004 Green Day was a rock opera. His musical inspiration were different and the Who, though his title was intended to critique American Idol, you know, the American OT and focusing on the character of Jesus Of Suburbia is also gave an overview of the "undervalued" administration of George Bush Jr.

Now, following the fashion of music, say no U2 the chandelier is not alone, that is not the only inspiration rock (or punk if you prefer in this case) on Broadway because before, was American Idiot, which also served as inspiration for a musical, with the same title based on the work of Green Day, which was represented for a time last year, with mixed success, and even to win a pair of Tonys.

I guess this must be the reason that Hanks and his production company have set their sights on American Idiot, which is the second musical that occur after the successful Mamma Mia! For this film, repeat the director of the Broadway version, Michael Mayer and Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, already interpreted in some functions to Saint Jimmy, one of the characters in the play and repeated in the film role .

With this, Playtone want to republish the blockbuster musical inspired by ABBA, which raised more than $ 600 million, and if successful, would take it as confirmation of gender in cinema, which would encourage them to try to revive it with more productions of this type within the year. I would prefer not to.

We have enough songs in the film with which Disney is trying to sweeten their already mellifluous productions, having infected the general animation as pernicious as the cancionitis disease. Besides, I doubt they get a hit, even remotely similar to Mamma Mia! Or do you forget that ABBA are who they are and drag it to drag as measured with Green Day? We will already be keeping an eye on this issue when we know more, but please do not make those 4 or 5 year you claim music!

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