Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In Release: The violent and explicit music video of Rihanna (+ video)

Maybe the sexy singer from Barbados is away from public abuse for quite some time, however, his heart does not forget, nor forgive what happened in the past. Or so it seems. Years after the brutal beating him by his then-boyfriend, the renowned singer Chris Brown, 'the princess of the boards of R & B', has just launched its new audiovisual material, "Man Down", where literally makes an ode their suffering.

The explicit lyrics of the song accompanying images, in the video, the victim of an abusive relationship from which, ultimately, it comes with no remorse. Despair and sadness in his voice is obvious and simple contrasts strongly with the above and the ballad "King's Bed" whose essence was the hope and the strength of an unexpected love.

Here the video:

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