Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Shocks: Kaiser Chiefs are seduced by the dark side of force

Watch the video at the original site. What if the Kaiser Chiefs put them on a dark stage, you take away their catchy and repetitive choruses and Ricky Wilson, lead singer, you take away his ever-present jacket? No, do not lose their strength, like Samson, in contrast, gave us a topic that leaves us a little in shock.

And, after the small failure that resulted Off With Their Heads and the kit kat that have been taken since then, the slogan was clear: to renew or die, and of course, opted for the former. For 'Little Shocks', the Kaisers from Leeds indie rock seem to have been made in waste production by Mark Ronson, have established a sound as dark as the setting for the video to your subject and have decided to make the shift towards issues more serious than we all knew he could give, and the result is fairly good.

But rejoice that you carry all waiting for something new from the band since 2008, or perhaps since 2007 when they released Yours Truly, Angry Mob, his last truly decent so far, is to know that this is a prelude to release of their next album, although not yet known and no title or tracklist, no specific date.

It is hoped, that if, for the second half of 2011 we will begin in a month exactly. Well, over the video, what do you want me to say? Anything new that may seem like the sound of 'Little Shocks' (to be Kaiser Chiefs, who also invented the wheel) is stuck in the sound effect. A band playing in the dark in a parking lot, or loft, or what the hell is this ..? 've already seen it many times, right?

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