Thursday, June 16, 2011

Julie Taymor attended the premiere of "Spider-Man" and was greeted with cheers from the audience

- Julie Taymor was welcomed on Tuesday in the musical which was fired three months ago, received an ovation from the audience and kisses cast members also embraces Bono and The Edge of U2 to drop the curtain at the premiere of " Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. " "I want to thank everyone, especially the cast and production members, musicians and the creative team I worked for a long time," said director Tony won the stage from him.

Taymor was the most celebrated on stage, people stood and applauded him shouting "Julie, Julie!" Before it was submitted to the public at the Foxwoods Theatre. The director and playwright, was fired in March of "Spider-Man", which cost $ 70 million, after facing delays, accidents, public rejection of economic difficulties that turned the musical into a painful project.

Earlier in the night Taymor, Bono and The Edge did not stop smiling when posing for photos on the red carpet, a public entity reconciliation original creators as spread to the problems of increased work. "Completely adore Julie and always we have. As artists we have been very, very close.

She made every effort in this project, "Bono said outside the theater. "Tonight is for us to lead." The show, with music from two members of the Irish rock band U2, began after a series of functions before the official release that broke records for being the largest. "We were trying to do something that has never been achieved and that is very difficult.

Besides that we had all over, "said Taymor on the red carpet. "That's difficult." Among the celebrities attending the premiere were former President Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea, Matt Damon, Barbara Walters, Cindy Crawford, Jay-Z, Steve Martin, Liam Neeson, Vanessa Redgrave, Spike Lee, Andrew Lloyd Webber and John McEnroe.

"Those guys have persevered," McEnroe said before comparing the work with some tennis. "It's like a match of five sets, but they are maintained." The main cast, with Reeve Carney in the role of Peter Parker / Spider-Man, Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson, TV Carpio as Arachne, and Patrick Page in the role of Green Goblin, have remained with the production since its inception tortuous .

When asked what he learned about staging a play on Broadway, producer Michael Cohl smiled. "It's much more difficult than expected," he said. "God teaches that when you look at squeamishness should calm down, because you have not seen anything." Bono also had a similar view and said he was humbled to follow in the footsteps of composers like Hammerstein, Rodgers and Hart and Irving Berlin.

"We learned that it is much harder than you think," he said about writing a musical.

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