Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pual McCartney, Gorillaz Together? Will we see a virtual Beatle?

Come up with a rumor. Made in UK today, with Sir Paul McCartney, the eminent former Beatle ... I guess you know it, and with Damon Albarn, or whatever it is, today Gorillaz, Blur and the soap opera if Blur does not end clarified. These are the protagonists. The story is about a couple of colleagues who get together one day and say, 'why do not we collaborate? "And on that walk.

The truth is that nothing is certain or true, at least it is known, but some media have reported the possibility of working together. Apparently, McCartney declared admirer of what they do Gorillaz and statements in an interview with The Quietus has said that have arisen to work together in a couple of times, but has yet emerged nothing serious.

The truth is that neither would be nothing strange, as we have seen on numerous occasions to the former Beatle to collaborate with other artists of very different styles. It seems that collaboration and takes time on the table, but so far have not had time to take it forward and seeing that Gorillaz have already spoken several times to be close to a cycle of completing their journey together, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz not virtual, of course, this could be a great way to say goodbye.

We'll see who pulls clear of all this, which very well may fall on deaf ears, although of course, me and me is itching curiosity to see who can get out of a collaboration so weird and so appealing pair. "Sound electro-Beatle? "Sir Paul McCartney to compose an iPad? "Virtual McCartney? Whatever it is, but!

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