Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jesse Hughes is life beyond the Eagles of Death Metal, but not as fun

If you are known in the world of music, mainly for a project with Josh Homme, is normal you have to fetch other entertainment with which to fill your time, as the hyperactive leader of Queens of the Stone Age is characterized by going from flower flower. As can spend a long time to revive touch Eagles of Death Metal, it is logical that the other half of this training, Jesse Hughes, has also decided to mount something on their own.

The name you chose for his solo debut is Boots Electric and their first album, recorded in Los Angeles with Tony Hoffer in production, will fall through Dangerbird Records. As we hear in the first advance we have already available called 'Boots Electric Theme', the hallmarks of his project with a strong presence Homme.

It retains that jokingly that has always characterized their music, but change the skin for a few arrangements garajera more buzzards. The proposal is curious, but I find it as funny as the Eagles of Death Metal and are missing something more than rock, at least in this unique snack. When the first record of Boots Electric is fully available in a few months, we'll see how he spends free whiskers.

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