Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Producers of reality "La Academia" Venezuelan scouting

.- Can you sing? Do you like the show? because this is your chance because producers recognized program "The Academy" in Mexico are in our country to recruit (through casting) to the greatest number of people who possess these skills and have the desire to succeed in the world music. Magda Rodriguez, producer of this program, noted that in Venezuela want to find talented people "basically what we hope is that all the people who sing, whether beginner or professional, is presented to casting.

No matter the physical characteristic, if not a great voice. I think the most important thing here is that the voice is magic that surrounds us and we convey many emotions. " Rodriguez said that "The Academy" is the most important reality show not only in Mexico but in many countries in Latin America.

In it are born great voices who are succeeding at the musical "we are is a platform in Mexico to take these roads and do many things in this area." Also stressed that this program has served to project the career of professional singers. That is the case of Venezuela Johnny Sigal, who, with disk in hand and with considerable experience in our country has achieved great success on Mexican soil under the impetus of the show and TV Azteca.

Venezuela is the first country to visit the producers of "The Academy", but are scheduled to tour several countries in Latin America and Europe start the first casting here in Venezuela, just for the great impact it had Johnny with us. We will also be in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, USA, Spain and Italy "are the nations invited to participate in the International Academy.

The only requirement to participate in the casting is to be aged between 15 and 40 years and have talent for singing "do not need any requirement only be over 15 years. If you have the lead guitar, if they track the same, if not, your voice is pretty enough, "Rodriguez said. The jury will consist of Rafael Araneda (host of the reality), Chacho Gaitán (knower of the song) and Magda Rodríguez (producer of the program.) To participate in the casting must attend Saturday June 18 starting at 10 am at JW Marriot Hotel located in the AV and Calle Mohedano Venezuela, El Rosal, Caracas.

People who are shortlisted will travel to Mexico to participate in the final national casting. By: Ygdayali Arrivillaga D. / Music Rumors

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