Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kaiser Chiefs allows fans to buy his album 'on demand' and win some money

Piracy has been tested to artists and record labels, some of whom use their creativity to try to circumvent. The latter are Kaiser Chiefs, who have invented a way for listeners to participate in the development of their latest album before buying it through their official website. Among other things, the group allows users to select their ten favorite songs of the twenty published and included in the record to be acquired.

They also encourage the buyer to design their own cover by combining several pictures of objects like a car, a watch, a typewriter, a book or a butterfly. What can not be changed is the title, the fourth study of the formation, and is called The future is medieval. The end result can be purchased for $ 7.50, but more: if a surfer becomes infatuated and becomes one of the disks made by another user, he will receive a dollar from the transaction.

The Kaiser Chiefs album comes surrounded by rumors and denials. As reported in News of the World, the band's drummer, Nick Hodgson, said the group had requested the collaboration of David Bowie for some of his lyrics, but the king of glam suggestions had not been finally taken into account: We wrote to David for recommendations on how to end a verse in the song Man on Mars and he gave us back a couple of lines.

I'm a big Bowie fan and I can not believe I'm saying this, but they were not good, "playing the middle. However, the producer of Bowie, Tony Visconti, has denied the story and said it was" invented "and "absurd."

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