Friday, June 10, 2011

Katy Perry: the video for "Last Friday Night" is coming!

After the extra-terrestrial 'E. T ', Katy Perry finally offers us a new clip, it will release June 14, 2011. The teaser clip has just appeared on the web and promises a festive and hilarious video. "Last Friday night" is the fifth and final single from the album "Teenage Dream," published last year. The four previous extracts were all crowned with success.

"California Gurls," "Teenage Dreams," "Firework" and "E. T "were all ranked No. 1 on Billboard. "Last Friday Night" Will he receive the same fate? Meanwhile, Katy Perry is proposing a teaser rather nice, and the aesthetic transformation of the singer is not for nothing. The song already sounds like a hymn to the weekend as it celebrates the arrival of Friday night.

"Last Friday Night approaches always bubbly and energetic spirit of Katy, and we find a similar energy to the California Gurls." In any case, forgotten the beautiful Katy Perry! The singer turns into Katy Beth Terry, a kind of Ugly Betty girl with braces, glasses and all accessories. The teaser takes us to a party where you see vomit in Katy include a roller skate and to discover her right breast when she dances.

Clip colorful and fun, however, he welcomed a special guest. The "famous" Rebecca Black is next to Katy Perry in the clip. Reminder to those who do not know Rebecca Black: it's a girl of 13, which was the buzz on the Internet, there few weeks with his song "Friday" qualified "the worst song of the year, so its words were ridiculous.

She had recorded 160 million views on YouTube and got 3 million "like it" against 430 000 "love." Lady Gaga, an ardent defender of the differences had also supported the young singer meet all these criticisms. So Katy Perry she feels a sincere admiration for the work of Rebecca? Meanwhile enjoy the clip in its entirety here is the teaser of "Last Friday Night:

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