Friday, June 10, 2011

These are the best new groups in 2011, according to NME

The prestigious British music magazine NME has not wanted to wait for Christmas to make one of his usual listings of artists of the year. While there are still six months to take the grapes, the publication has unveiled what they are, "so far" and depending on your point of view, the best new-style bands that have emerged in the Anglo-Saxon music market.

This is nothing more and nothing less, than 50 formations, on which the magazine gives some data as the source (mostly UK and U.S.) and the type of listeners who probably Charmed. For example, Foster the People, the group of indie rock that occupies the last position (50) comes recommended "for fans of Vampire Weekend," the blonde Ronika (position 44), electro lover originally from Nottingham, comes to entice Madonna devotees while Fixers (since 28), the Animal Collective and MGMT.

Although the list is dominated by pop and indie-minded rock, there are also signs of R'n'B (by The Weeknd, ranked 12), and rap, as in the case of Kreayshawn, a young MC of 21 who wears Mickey Mouse earrings (position 26). In all, highlights ten. These are, according to NME, it is essential not to lose sight of: 1.

Name: Suuns. Features: Canadian, have been touring with bands like The Black Angels and Crystal Castles. His first album, Zeroes QC, is a dark and seductive electronic work. Recommended for: Fans of Hot Chip and Primal Scream. Listen here. 2. Name: Jai Paul. Features: psychopop Theirs is a mystical point of madness and R'n'B computer.

Recommended for: Fans of Prince and Shadow Twin. Listen here. 3. Name: Howler. Features: Minneapolis Banda billing garajero an indie pop and bright. Recommended for: fans of Black Lips and The Drums. Listen here. 4. Name: Reptar. Features: A rock band Darthlantaville hoarse voice that defines their sound as sexpopelectro and loves "the party, boogie and shoes to dance." Recommended for: Fans of Clor.

Listen here. 5. Name: Niki & The Dove. Features: Electro pop naif mysteriously guided by a female voice. Recommended for: Fans of Ray Fever. Listen here. 6. Name: Kid Zoo. Features: Pop funk intimate by a red-haired teen almost Archy Marshall. Recommended for: Fans of The XX. Listen here.

7. Name: Cults. Features: A boy-girl duet that float between past and future, dream, happy melodies and electronic devices. Recommended for: Fans of Camera Osbscura. Listen here. 8. Name: DZ Deathrays. Features: An Australian band energy trash-pop has caught the attention of critics with a single EP in the market.

Recommended for: Fans of Jay Retard. Listen here. 9. Name: Eagulls. Features: NME quintet defines this as "indie without affectation." Raging guitars and accelerated directly from Leeds. Recommended for: Fans of Pavement. Listen here. 10. Name: Braids. Features: These Canadians like electronics and intimate pop, sometimes break some cry and some surprise.

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