Thursday, June 2, 2011

Liam Gallagher is covered in glory once again, now at the expense of Bob Dylan

In his day, as almost anybody else, I enjoyed, much to Oasis. I lived the time that 'Wonderwall' was a song to sing in times of drunken meanness, but eventually the thing went off and now is the "Seven Nations Army" which caused a sensation. What stuff! I know my opinion I can make a few "no numbers" but it is what I have, and if you do not like the fans of Liam Gallagher, I'm sorry but I have nothing.

Liam seems to me a loudmouth, and has been largely the cause of the rejection that cause both the tail of Oasis as Beady Eye from beginning to end. And if I say that is because, although they may not want, the personality of an artist draws our perception of their music to land on which it should not.

I mean, if the first two Oasis albums seemed very good, much as they were a sad attempt to copy the Beatles, by extension, the following should like it as much as those, for I am of the opinion that Oasis have never known the meaning of the word "evolution." So if something you like, and is repeated n times, you should like it n times ...

at least until you hate. Me this formula does not work, simply because I detest the character in front of the cameras, the microphones, the notebooks. I hate Liam Gallagher, and by extension, all you end up hating him wind. It is a loudmouth irremediable, and take years to see him lash out like a mad bull against any cloak that will be put forward, has not only increased my opinion of the "artist" (another day if you want to talk about the artist who is this guy, because, apart from singing and ranting, you know, do something else?).

I'm sorry Noel, his long-suffering brother, who also has his own, and who bears part of the discredit that has caused his illustrious brother, although he, at least if you're an artist, from head to toe. But very sad to me cause, I will like more the work of Oasis. All that said, let's what motivates my thinking out loud (or high point) that are neither more nor less than the nth statements mouths of Brit-pop.

Now to Bob Dylan. And clarified earlier that I'm not very Dylan (no one stone, please) but I know what to recognize, and I take my hat off to those who needed, and one of these is precisely Mr. Dylan. On the 70th birthday of the great among the greats, and I guess a bit beset by the failure (not palliative) of the first album of Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher has done what it does best: attack.

This time in an interview in which he was asked by the British newspaper The Times about whether he had celebrated the birthday of Robert Zimmerman ... And of course, that's exactly the type to give it wings. In case you had not said enough, he still had beads in the chamber when he said that "did not like many artists of the 60 and 70 that are dedicated to making comebacks in the summer festivals" and "all those bastards playing their Greatest hits are a shit.

" So, having made it clear that music with character not very interested (I guess here in exceptions, you have to place their beloved Beatles), it seemed clear that when listening to music should pull recent catalog, but surprise surprise, is not the case: Which makes it clear that I, 1, this guy must live listening to the Oasis albums and Beady Eye.

2, do not know many words beyond fuck and its derivatives, 3, does not have respect or your grandmother, and 4, when he sees that things are going well and that the media did not look at him for his music, their way to stand out from their mediocrity is simply attack every living creature not named Liam Gallagher.

And worst of all, it always gets their 5 minutes of fame ... recurring! Clearly, some artists are earning respect, our respect for his music, others for their charisma, and others do not earn it or know what the buzzword.

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