Monday, June 6, 2011

Loona revisits the hit "Vamos a la playa" in 2011 version

She called Loona and is poised to become the artist of this summer 2011 with her song "Vamos A La Playa." With this evocative title that recalls the title of Miranda, but that has nothing to do with the summer hit of 1983 Righeira, Loona proposes new recovery very sexy sensation in all European countries.

"Vamos A La Playa" here is the invitation launched by Loona. From north to south, from east to west, singer of Dutch origin is being put at the top in the race hits of summer 2011. Loona returns this week in the top five rankings digital. His song has already started for quite some time doing the buzz in Europe, particularly with his clip, beach atmosphere requires, continues to be viewed on the web.

Loona has a career already full. The singer began in 1999 with a debut album entitled "Lunita" which ranks number one in Germany and Switzerland. On this album, Loona resumed titles Paradisio "Bailando" and the tube Mecano "Hijo De La Luna," which allows him to make a name in the song. To start his career, the singer also made numerous contributions on various singles "Dance" among others with DJ Sammy on the title "The Boy Of Summer." To return to the song "Vamos A La Playa", the song is calibrated to make us dance all summer.

The piano melody with a strong presence is an invitation. The song is like the umbrella video clip presents "Vamos A La Play. All ingredients are present and resumed at the same which made the success of the title of Miranda in 1999. The beautiful girls, beautiful boys have appointments on the beach to party.

Simple and effective, "Vamos A La Playa" by Loona should quickly establish itself as the song "hot" this summer 2011!

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