Monday, June 6, 2011

Moby shows to critics who have not lost the spark

Watch the video at the original site. It appears that Moby was the last to realize that their music is really electric. It was during a performance at The Reflex Gallery, an art gallery in Amsterdam. Mr. Richard Mellville was playing one of their songs guitar in hand, when his neck has been in contact with a focus on the scenario will produce a small electric shock.

The result, Moby on the floor, but then he has set up and has continued with his musical work. Gossips say that this has been a move to promote, but I do not see the promotion here anywhere. It is true also that falling unconscious shortly after the brush with the focus does not fit my electric schemes, but I'm not doctor say.

At least New York has taken it with humor and through her twitter saying things like "Thanks for coming to my show. Sorry I have been electrocuted, "" Hell, electrocuted in the neck seems to hurt "or" Someone should start a new musical genre: electro cute. " In the end, an experience to tell people, the artist, like the present.

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