Monday, June 6, 2011

Omar Enrique tells his fans "Stay with me

On Wednesday June 15 will go on sale in Venezuela the tenth album from "Prince of Merengue" who says: "... a musical level, this is the best CD I've made." "Stay With Me" is the name of this length album containing 15 tracks, which were written by renowned composers Yasmil Marrufo, Jorge Luis Chacin, Daniel Satancruz, Manuel Zabala, Pedro Torres and Enrique Omar himself.

"Stay with Me" is occurred between the Dominican Republic and Venezuela and is composed of 11 meringues and 4 ballads. The choirs have recognized and privileged voices as those of Ronald Borjas (Guaco) Gloribet Aguilar (Las Chicas del Can) and Oscar Arriaga (Teen). Note that in the recordings made in the Dominican Republic attended by all the musicians in the orchestra of Juan Luis Guerra.

In this new production of Omar Enrique have been extracted 3 tracks leading Venezuelan radio: "Nobody like You", one of the most played songs in 2010 - "You" where he makes a duo with Illegal and the most recent titled "The greatest love the world "with Felipe Pelaez, who also soon Billboard To lead the country's biggest musical (Record Report) because it has become one of the most requested compositions in recent weeks.

The coming Thursday, July 7 Omar Enrique baptize "Stay With Me" with Ilegales, Sergio Vargas, Fernandito Villalona and Las Chicas del Can on a great celebration of merengue that will be taking place at the Convention Hall of Hotel Eurobuilding Caracas event where he also held the famous artist Maracaibo, big, its 17 year history.

Importantly, the musical production of "Stay With Me" was in charge of Yasmil Marrufo. This album will be distributed nationally Record ANEC.

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