Monday, June 6, 2011

Moby is electrocuted during a concert in Amsterdam

The shock was enormous, but Moby has reassured his fans through his account on a network by ensuring that it is "OK." The American received a shock during a concert at Reflex Gallery, Amsterdam. A problem in the electrical system caused a shock that affected the singer and even made him lose consciousness on stage, says the web Thanks for coming, feel me electrocuted in a video posted on Spinner, you can see the musician touching his neck as if he felt discomfort while playing a track with a singer. Then gives his guitar to an assistant and falls to the ground collapsed. You can hear the attendant screaming that this is not a joke before Moby regain consciousness.

"Thanks for coming to the show. I'm sorry I electrocuted", written after the artist in your Twitter profile, showing a great sense of humor. "Damn, that hurts zap you. Well, I feel much better. I'm glad it was not worse," he added. He also stated on its website that it was "ok now" (right now) and acknowledge the concerns of the fans.

Moby is currently promoting her album Destroyed with a tour that will have its next stop in St. Petersburg.

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