Monday, June 6, 2011

Rihanna video for 'Man Down': The Little Mermaid shot bundles

Rihanna has had to work overtime to release the list of outstanding issues that have been accumulated in recent months. And the last two singles that launched Loud been announced in rapid succession, partly because one of them, 'California King Bed', was chosen by fans via Twitter and quickly announced.

'Man Down', the fifth single selected this time for Rihanna itself, is one of the more unusual cuts of the album and it shows again how good you give Caribbean rhythms. Strongly influenced by music from an early reggae, this time has had the opportunity to capture all that and the result has been quite difficult to leave your ass glued to the chair.

The video, directed by Anthony Mandler as usual in the case of Barbados, is on the side of the scales of Rihanna clips that are entertaining and try to say something. With the piece of history that makes the friend in the song, had been stupid to pass up and not resort to spin her music and image.

Now, as far as aesthetics are concerned, at times I had the sensation of seeing Ariel cruising in the Caribbean, with that lady hair that has been pulled down for the video. At the time of getting out at sea, you'd swear the scales are beginning to see ... Thanks to all who have given us the breath.

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