Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Martin Gore returns to talk about his work with Vince Clarke is already being mixed

We are in full promotion of the latest compilation of remixes of Depeche Mode, Remixes 2: 81-11, so it's time to go throwing pearls to seize the current interest in the band of Martin Gore and Dave Gahan to remind the world that Gore and Vince Clarke, as we know, are working on a joint project. And is that a lot of you were very impressed with the fact look like a remix signed by Clarke seeped into the tracklist of this compilation, especially if we consider that, since in his day, it's been a couple of decades (no less ) Clarke left the band in pursuit of other projects, had not worked with the band on any occasion.

Some time ago, news came to light when Gore and Clarke said openly be working on a project together, and since then, the expectation has not only grown in the case of whom it is .. Now back in the news, because as I say, it's time to rekindle the interest of fans of both artists, building promotional pull is releasing the album of remixes of Depeche Mode.

So Gore in a statement to Billboard, that he gave some details of the process status of their work together, how it had arisen and how they had developed. For starters, Gore said that the thing came directly from Clarke, who first made contact with him through an email, asking if he would be interested in working in a partnership without dates and without pressure.

Gore's answer was yes, of course, and the result of this collaboration, after about 6 months recording, is now being mixed. As you can guess, we have nothing to hear, or specific information on dates title, tracklist and everything that involves a release, although it is known that weave these two is an album of instrumental electronic, very techno, as described by Gore long ago, and has transcended the title of one of the topics: "Zaat" (which is not to provide much more).

Moreover, emphasis should be here in the "no dates, no pressure" that I said before, which indicates very clearly that we can still take some time to hear something of what they have prepared. That itself is easy to conclude that the fact that it has included a remix of Vince Clarke in the recent compilation of remixes of Depeche Mode is a consequence of those months of work that goes with Gore shared.

There will be attentive to the news as they occur, because as you can out of a partnership like this one seems very interesting.

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