Monday, June 13, 2011

'Les Miserables' best musical in Musical Theatre Awards

Les Miserables (Stage Entertainment SL), musical currently celebrating its 25 anniversary and is represented in the Teatro Lope de Vega in Madrid, received the award for best musical in years of Musical Theatre V Awards, which this year granted honor award from Paco Valladares. The awards, which gives a group of professionals of the genre with the aim of enhancing the musical theater industry in Spain and have been delivered at the Teatro Calderón de Madrid, Isabel recognized this year as best actress Malavia for his role in Avenue Geronimo Rauch Q and Best Actor for Les Miserables.

Valladares never forgot that a musical was a great espectáculoLos awards for best actress and actor have been for Inés León (I Love You, You're Perfect, and change you!) And Leo Rivera (Avenue Q), and actress awards Actor and corresponded to Bergareche Nacho (I Love You, You're Perfect, and change you!) and Mayka Sitta (Avenue Q).

Geronimo Stilton The Musical of the Regne of Fantasia (Focus SA, Edicions 63) has won the award for best children's music, the best stage manager has been to Yllana (Avenue Q) and best musical director Alfonso Casado (Les Miserables) . The special prize of the 5th edition has been at the hands of Vertigo Productions, "for providing all of Spain could enjoy the music of great format to organize their complex tours, and the honor of the actor Paco Valladares," for a career never forgot that a musical was a great show to offer the public.


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