Friday, June 3, 2011

Parade called 'No More Rock and Roll': neighborhood superhero

One of the records that we have been left out in the spring 2011 release is full of dark matter in Parade. After the slightly disappointing The Fortress of Solitude, Antonio Galvañ released a compilation to bring order to all his lost time and catch your breath in the face of this return, discussed further shortly.

'No More Rock and Roll' is the song chosen as the first video and the one that opens the album, then go for paths with a slower pace and once stops at the usual obsessions Parade: Series B, music, science fiction and love or heartbreak surrounding it. In its most direct song in a long time, and approaching a more Anglo-Saxon sound (far left and Artificial Intelligence), someone has finally seen that Antonio could be the classic superhero, too ordinary citizens who will eventually leave the rays eyes.

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