Friday, June 10, 2011

Primus madness unleashed in September with Naugahyde Green

Concepts as unbalanced as the pork soda, the sailors of the seas of cheese or genetic hallucinations may only have one thing in common: Primus. Training is best defined as indefinable as they are, and who headed one of the greatest geniuses of low as Les Claypool, have earned the title of cult band. As we discussed last February, the California trio again twelve years after Antipop with what will be his eighth studio album.

After a couple of delays, the band has confirmed that Green Naugahyde will be released on 13 September via ATO Records Prawn Song. Primus - "Tommy the Cat" (YouTube) will be the first album by Primus with Jay Lane on drums, who recently joined the team after being part of it before the release of their first album.

According to Claypool, the return has influenced a lot in the process of album creation, Naugahyde Green making a return to its beginnings. I do not really need to keep sounding fresh, but to see how they come out. To complete the dose of funk rock at full speed on Friday June 24th we will have them playing in the Azkena Rock Festival 2011, may want to take opportunity to introduce some new material.

Meanwhile, I can go on catching up with their discography if you have even out of orbit, because it is a musical experience worth trying.

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