Friday, June 10, 2011

Joss Stone: "LP1" new album 2011

Joss Stone, the young diva of soul music will be back July 26, 2011, with a new album titled LP1. This new album definitely rock Joss Stone, is announced by a first single, the single "Somehow," which began his career on the international media. "LP1" the new album from Joss Stone was announced on the official website of the singer.

A good reason for this new album is the first of the English singer on his own label 'Stoned Records. The diva of soul called "Aretha Joplin" by Smokey Robinson will be back July 26, 2011. LP1 is the fifth album by Joss Stone. Produced by the illustrious Dave Stewart, the producer co-founder of the Eurythmics with Annie Lennox.

Dave Stewart has brought his expertise to the incomparable achievement of this album. The album definitely more rock will surely give new impetus to the career of Joss Stone which can be assumed that it will take a new turn with the new project from Mick Jagger to which it is associated.

Joss Stone has a nice early career behind her. To date she has sold over 11 million albums and collected no less than five Grammy nominations. She has won one in 2007 for the gorgeous song "Family Affair" with John Legend and Van Hurt. Joss Stone also won two Brit Awards in 2005, for his album Mind Body & Soul "and the other for his song" You Had Me.

" To better defend its musical colors in 2010, Joss Stone Virgin leaves and decides to start his own record label 'Stoned Records. At only 24 years old, the young singer decided to take charge of his career. With this new album "LP1", Joss Stone has given the means to progress. For LP1, Joss Stone has worked with the American label Surfdog, which has made its expertise in music.

Surfdog label is the label group such as Cats Strait. Dave Stewart, they are immersed in the musical soul of rock and roll in Nashville. The album was written in only six days and Joss Stone LP1 is the first album made without any creative constraints. Here is a list of 10 songs that make up the new album by Joss Stone "LP1" 01.

"Newborn" 02. "Karma" 03. "Do not Start Lying To Me" 04. "Last One To Know" 05. "Drive All Night "06." Cry Myself To Sleep "07." Somehow "08." Landlord "09." Boat Yard "10." Take Good Care "

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